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Coming Home

Time to make some hay at 1 Twins Way

Tampa Bay Rays v Minnesota Twins

I’m going home, back to the place where I belong—and where your love has always been enough for me.

I recently completed a move. After three and a half years in Mankato, MN, a job change has taken me to White Bear Lake. While I am—fortunately—excited by this location/job change, life “out-of-sorts” (away from a home base) can be exhausting. Human beings are creatures of habit by nature, and generally seek comfort and familiarity in surroundings.

As we’ve all seen of late, the Twins have performed not unlike the solitary balloon that survives a child’s birthday party—slowly leaking air until it just sort of withers away. Perhaps some of the reason for this seepage? Of their last 19 games, 12 have come on the road (at Detroit, Milwaukee, San Diego, & both Los Angeles locales).

Though no excuse for the middling performance of late, perhaps the extended time on the road could be a reason for the general malaise surrounding this club.

Marlin Levison photo: Twins fans pelted the metrodome with 17-inch paper airplanes trying to guide them thru the windows of 12 Jeep Commanche pickups and a Mercedes Benz. As part of a fundraiser for the National Kidney Foundation, grandstand aviators pur
Much like this paper airplane, the Twins took to the skies quite a bit in late July & early August

Beginning August 15 the Twins will take up comfortable residence at Target Field, what with 13 of their next 16 (vs. Kansas City, Texas, San Francisco, & Boston) played under the limestone & Minnie/Paul handshake. Only a jaunt to Houston breaks up bottom-inning offense for the rest of this month.

Though never quite making the ballpark at 1 Twins Way a tactical weapon like the Metrodome once was, this year the Twins are 31-25 (.554) at home and 27-29 (.482)—as of last Saturday’s finals—on the road. Perhaps this is the boost the club needs to reclaim the top spot in the AL Central.

The old saying about home is that it’s “where the heart is”. I really hope that Twins fans come out to Target Field to support this club the next few weeks and give them a desperately-needed pulse. A raucous, roaring home crowd might do wonders in that department. The last month or so has been a slog, to be sure, but this team is still very much in postseason contention and potentially in line for three immediate home playoff contests should that goal be achieved.

New York Yankees v Minnesota Twins, Game 2
Let’s pack the park the next few weeks!
Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

I’m planning to be in the seats on Monday and Friday this week, so perhaps I’ll see you at the ballpark!