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Position Players Pitching a Fan Favorite? Or Annoying?

My opinion: Let’s win first.

Minnesota Twins v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

In the year 2022 I think we have all heard the argument of whether or not a position player should come in and pitch. Nick Gordon came in for the bottom of the 8th against the Padres Friday night. It was his third appearance of the season. Averaging a mid-70s slider, with a fastball topping out at 85 mph, he was able to get out of the 8th unscathed with just one walk. Doing his best Shohei Ohtani impression, Gordon then hit a double in the 9th, but the Twins ultimately lost 10-1.

Position players pitching has become more common over the years. Yes, it makes sense. Yes, I enjoy watching the position players come in. Yes, I think it’s a mockery of the game. The MLB only allows a position player to pitch if a team is down 6 runs or more, a rule implemented in 2020 that is back in place for 2022.

Gordon came in Friday, as did Luis Torrens for the Mariners in a blowout against Houston. The day before Hanser Alberto came in for the Dodgers, but the Dodgers were winning 13-0, so I approve. In the same game though Brian Serven came in to wave the white flag and pitch for the Rockies. Our sweet boy Willians Astudillo has also made a couple of appearances for the Marlins this year to huck his 40 mph heater.

This year we witnessed the slowest pitch to ever be hit out of a ballpark, thrown by Cubs 1B Frank Schwindel.

So what do we think about position players coming in to pitch? I think they should only come in if your team is winning. It’s practical for them to come in if you’re losing. but it’s not as fun because well, you’re losing. Seeing Nick Gordon come in smiling isn’t as fun when you are down by 9 runs. However, he did have the best relief outing we’ve seen in a while. He gave up no home runs to Joe Ryan’s five.


Should position players pitch?

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Let’s also take a stroll down memory lane and take a look at every position player to pitch in a game for the Twins.

  • 2022: Nick Gordon
  • 2021: La Tortuga
  • 2018: Chris Gimenez, Mitch Garver, Ryan LaMarre, La Tortuga (what a year)
  • 2017: Chris Gimenez
  • 2016: Eduardo Escobar
  • 2015: Shane Robinson
  • 2013: Jamey Carroll
  • 2012: Drew Butera
  • 2011: Michael Cuddyer
  • 1990: John Moses
  • 1989: John Moses, Dan Gladden
  • 1988: Dan Gladden
  • 1968: Cesar Tovar
  • 1961: Julio Becquer