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Game 125: Giants at Twins

The creep to relevance continues, but the Twins need to get rolling again.

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Minnesota Twins Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

First Pitch: 6:15 pm CDT

TV: FOX / ~ / Radio: TIBN

Every time I sit down to write one of these previews, I’m using some variation of the phrase “need to get hot,” or “need to start a streak,” or “oh my God, for the love of God, win a couple of ballgames, this can’t be how the season peters out, you’re only a couple of games back, for God’s sake, please score a couple of runs tonight” — you know, the usual stuff.

Well, Minnesota started a streak last week, winning four in a row — before dropping their next six. Despite all this, the Twins are still just three back of the Cleveland Guardians, and with over a month left in the season and plenty of matchups with the Central’s leading team, it remains anyone’s division (despite our best efforts to toss it away.)


After laying into Alex Wood last night, the home offense will get a crack at Alex Cobb, the 11-year vet who’s logged his most starts since 2018 this season. He’ll face Sonny Gray, who has continued to string together solid starts in a month where the Twins have desperately needed all the help they can get.

Minnesota has staved off a .500 record as the summer begins to wane, but they’ll need to keep their foot on the gas to stand a chance at sticking around in October. Clinching a series win against a west coast opponent on national television would be a good way to start.