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Game 107: Blue Jays at Twins

It’s Jays vs. Twins, and Jays and Twins vs. Rain.

Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

First Pitch: 6:10 pm CDT

TV: BSN / ~ / Radio: TIBN

After a wild walk-off win to even the series on Friday, the Twins and Blue Jays will do their best to start the remaining games of the weekend set.

There’s a strong chance of rain through the evening and tomorrow afternoon, which complicates things a bit, as Minnesota and Toronto are not slated to face each other again this season. While the Twins have Monday off, the Blue Jays would be departing tomorrow in advance of their series in Baltimore beginning on the 8th.

A projected forecast offers a bit of optimism, if you localize your area of concern to the warehouse district:

As the day has gone on, the “torrential downpour” vibes have diminished significantly, and around the time of posting, it looks like we could be clear of any heavy rainfall downtown until later in the evening.

But, sports aren’t about hypotheticals — we’re here for facts and facts alone. Nobody has ever thought “what if” about sports, and if you have, you’re a nerd. Call me when it actually starts raining.

The scheduled starters are Dylan Bundy and Mitch White; Bundy has seen his ERA creep up over 5.00, as his good fortune early in the year finally seems to have dried up. The Jays will start Mitch White, a shrewd acquisition from the Dodgers a few days ago. In 15 games (10 starts), White is running a 3.70 ERA/3.95 FIP, and allows homers, walks, and strikeouts all at a relatively normal rate.

Last night’s Twins victory makes for a 2-game lead in the Central.


Everyone is, frustratingly, right there in the thick of things. A two-game swing is nothing in the game of baseball, but if Minnesota’s new bullpen can help them keep their foot on the gas, they could start generating some headway and open up a much-needed gap in the division.

Don’t forget about those Royals, either...they could be one of the best 42-65 teams ever. Jury is still out.