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It’s Not Over

The Twins have been in this spot before—and prevailed

Minneapolis Cityscapes And City Views

Things look bleak right now for the Minnesota Twins. I will not argue that point. With 23 games on the docket, they sit in third place—embarrassingly behind the Chicago White Sox—and 5 GB the front-running Cleveland Guardians. A theoretical starting lineup & rotation of injured Twins could probably outplay the current active roster.

But I’ll also express this sentiment...

I am in no way trying to be intentionally homer-ish or wistfully naive. The Twins have—on three distinct occasions—found themselves in a similar mess as the current predicament and had things turn out alright:

So, while the task ahead of the ‘22 vintage is daunting, to say the least, it is not impossible (especially considering that CHW & CLE are not superhero squads).

Here is where I will get a little corny: So many times during my Metrodome Twins outings, the Bluto Animal House clip would play in the late innings when the home team needed a rally. I’ll leave you with that here...

“Who’s with me?! Let’s go!!”