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Twins 8, Angels 4: Wow, what a game I’ve seen!

In a game I definitely watched, the Twins had more runs.

Los Angeles Angels v Minnesota Twins Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

You can’t prove I didn’t watch this game.

You can’t! That’s the beauty of plausible deniability. (Look it up; I’m sure it applies here, and not just on television procedurals that illuminate the sordid lives of naval court officials, and the cases they’re prosecuting.)

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

It stands to reason that there are other things I could have been doing at the same time as the baseball contest between the Minnesota Twins and the Los Angeles Angels, who were playing a game in the Warehouse District this evening, despite gloomy conditions and pervasively early darkness.

For example, I could have been making chicken soup while watching Simon Anthony solve a chess-based Sudoku variant puzzle. It’s a 90-minute video, indicating average- to above-average difficulty for the channel, whose focus is usually on dastardly set-ups submitted by professional constructors and rabid fans alike.

But if I had, I certainly wouldn’t have known that Gary Sanchez hit his first home run in about 20 days, now would I? Here’s a clip, for proof! How would I have known that this clip was from tonight if I hadn’t seen it happen with my own two eyes?

Sanchez tallied four RBI on the night; other facts include that Joe Ryan threw just four innings (he wasn’t his usual self), but was backed up by three-hit performances from both Jose Miranda and Gio Urshela, the latter of which scored a pair of runs (as did Luis Arraez.) These facts have been brought to you by my own two eyeballs, both of which visually took in the baseball game that I’m describing.

It’s things like this that I wouldn’t have known if the game was simply on in the background while I finally did some long-needed cleanup on my Goodreads account; now things are a lot more organized and it’s much clearer which books I will be spending my time on next. Or, I should say, it will be much clearer, when I take a look at that website now that the baseball game I just watched is over. I watched it in my living room.

If I had merely been getting a few loads of laundry done, folding the newly-dried articles and cycling the more summery outfits out of the open closet space and into a nearby dresser, I definitely wouldn’t have remembered that the bullpen backed up Ryan’s short performance with a combined shutout effort (excepting a run allowed by Jhoan Duran in the visiting ninth.)

I mean, I never would have noticed that.

In the immortal words of Nickelback, look at this graph:

COURTESY: Baseball Savant

When I saw this, I said (out loud!) “Yep, that is how the game happened!”


The players who did a really good job


Trick question. There aren’t duds when the Twins win (ever heard of “No duds, Twins win”?)


Presumably, everyone was here tonight! I didn’t get a chance to do a head count.

Tune in again tomorrow afternoon, where tens of thousands in the metro area will also definitely be watching that game as well, and definitely not the Minnesota Vikings game happening around the same time.

See you soon!