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Twinkie Town Talk: Changes, they are a-comin’

Some links for your cool Tuesday morning.

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MLB: JUL 23 Twins at Tigers Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Good morning and happy Tuesday, Minnesota Twins fans! Hopefully you’ve taken your pumpkin-flavored breakfast and properly disposed of it in your trash and set it on fire because nobody really likes that stuff, right? Oh, I’m the only one that hates that? Ope.

Well, maybe you’re not the only one that doesn’t like the current Twins fashion on the field. Personally, I think a couple changes would be nice. However, if you’re enamored with the current unis the local nine have been sporting these last few years, you better turn on the telly and get your fill. Phil Miller of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the organization is taking the current wardrobe and throwing it out the window for 2023.

Okay, maybe I’m over-exaggerating. Twins President Dave St Peter states that there will be “tweaks or in some cases, more than that” to the current uniform selection for next season. The color scheme will remain the same with the classic red, white, and blue, as it has been the entirety of the team’s existence, reaching back to the Washington Senators franchise. Miller reports that the Twins will reveal their City Connect uniforms next summer and will start wearing them during the 2024 campaign. The uniforms, which incorporates the culture and life around the team’s area, have been pretty popular and successful since taking over the Players Weekend uniforms of the past.

Not only are the uniforms changing, but the logos and scoreboards will also get some adjustments. As for what the changes will entail, they’ll be “distinctively different” according to Miller. Minnie and Paul will remain as a logo, but even they will get an update to fit the modern times. The scoreboard in left-center will be replaced with one that is 76% larger, which is pretty dang large, if you ask me.

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