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Twins 7, Tigers 0: Well, that’s gotta be a bummer for the Tigers

On a roll since firing their GM, the Tigers plonked. Guess that changing corporate chairwarmers isn’t necessarily a permanent fix.

Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers
It was a sloppy game and I stopped caring. EEEE-indeed.
Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

The Twins won! Hooray!

I meant to take this recap more seriously than everyone else on the writing staff who's equally annoyed with SB corporate, but once Luis Arraez wasn't in the lineup, I gave up.

(And, honestly, I've been annoyed with corporate longer than anyone still here, so I guess I wanted to go out on some kind of high horse, but it didn’t happen.)

For the record: Aaron Judge went 1-2, and is now at .314079. Arraez sticks at .314711.

Two random notes:

  • Joe Ryan picks up the Twins rookie record for strikeouts in a season. Who do you think had it previously?

I guessed Bert Blyleven, as did Minnesota1952. Nope: Bert had 135 in his 1970 rookie season (when he was 19!). He made his debut on June 5th, and pitched every fourth day most of that year. He’d have 224 strikeouts in 1971, but that didn’t lead the league; in fact, Bert only led once, in 1985, with 206.

It was Francisco Liriano, in 2006 (he’d pitched 23.2 innings in 2005). Liriano started 2006 in the bullpen, and didn’t start a game until May 19th. He’d have 16 total starts that season. Of course, what we remember most were when he left with a shredded arm on August 7th and again in his attempted return on September 13th.

I remember that year telling people who were casual baseball fans, “you have GOT to watch this guy. He’s doing something incredible.” And he was. But it couldn’t last.

Seriously, check out this 2006 game log. Wow.

  • A bizarre play with a weird bounce involves a long review as to whether fan interference happened.

Except it's not called "fan interference," anymore? It's "attendant interference"?

Way to indicate, once again, Manfred, that we at your conglomerate's games aren't "fans." We're "attendants."

Because who cares about fans, right? What matters is "attendance."

Anyways, I got into a stupid Internet Fight with some minor irritant before I remembered I could just ignore them.

That's kind of appropriate for my likely last year at TwinkieTown, though, isn't it?

I wanted a last gamethread with the best of y'all goofing off and sharing jokes and it failed.

A great last gamethread would be ideal. But it was sparse and I totally ruined it by engaging with a minor irritant.

Yeah. That's more perfect than my perfect ideal. Baseball, and baseball sites, and my contributions to them, aren't "The Natural" (or, if they are, more the novel than the movie.)

They're a mess, great and lousy and everything in between. What else would you expect? It's baseball!

COTG goes to the aforementioned Minnesota1952 for enjoying this Baseball Project song.

Tomorrow's game is at 5:10, and features Dylan Bundy!