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TFW! comes to the Twin Cities

Another free agent catcher. Perhaps the most fun the Twins have had in a bit.Another fre

Los Angeles Dodgers v Colorado Rockies Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The Twins made another groundbreaking free agent signing yesterday, adding veteran catcher Tony Wolters on a minor league deal. Someone tell the boi wunders that they are allowed to sign someone besides a catcher and the sneakily not-valueless Danny “extra letters” Coloumbe.

Wolters is a long-time MLB backup, so getting him to stash in St Paul is nothing but positive. He was a regular with the Colorado Rockies from 2016 through 2020, playing in roughly half their games each season. He made a small appearance with the Cubs and Dodgers respecitvely in 2021 and 2022, but primarily toiled at their Triple-A affiliate. He’s now at the age to be a “mentor” and seems to the perfect guy to be handling the Twins young pitchers. It seems that Christian Vasquez isn’t the only catcher who will be a benefit to the staff.

TFW’s nickname in Colorado was “papers” because he was always carrying around scouting reports, according to Purple Row’s Evan Lang — a long time friend of Twinkie Town. Evan also said he “adores Tony Wolters.” Another longtime FoTT, PR siterunner Sam Bradfield chimed in to say that “Tony is a good guy.” Sam even went on to back up my mentorship claim for me, with a great article about how both TFW and Drew Butera helped now Cubs catcher Dom Nunez on his path to the majors.

Wolters also is a very active player in giving back, a quick google search for his name reveals several results about his charitable efforts. He also has a lovely mustache, and one should not “dash on the ‘stache.”

The most interesting thing about him, however, is the fact a guy named Anthony John Wolters got the nickname TFW. The F stands for exactly what you think it does.

To once again quote Evan Lang, the nickname is because “Because Tony F*cking Wolters had the game winning hit in the 2018 wild card during extra innings.” This has to be the best nickname given to a Twins’ catcher since “Sexx Dragon.”

Here is the whole story on why Wolters will always be beloved within the Rockies fanbase.

And, even if PR is one of the best sites in the network, you don’t want to give VOX a free click, here is the video version.