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Your Weekly Carlos Correa Update

The Mets are at an impasse with Correa. I’m at an impasse with my emotions.

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We’re out of Carlos Correa images and this better expresses my feelings anyway

Last night and through this morning, there have been reports that the New York Mets are getting frustrated with Carlos Correa as negotiations have gone on in recent weeks.

The Mets, like the San Francisco Giants before them, have long-term injury concerns about Correa’s surgically repaired leg and are hoping to build some contingencies into the $315 million contract they worked out a few weeks ago. Correa, and super-agent Scott Boras, are pressuring free-spender Steve Cohen to give Correa every penny he’s worth.

Jim Bowden, the former GM of the Reds and Nationals and current staff writer at The Athletic, also reported that the Twins could potentially steal Correa away from New York if the right deal was available.

Most likely, this is a PR play from Boras as he tries to secure the best deal for his client. The Twins sitting there with money burning a hole in their pocket and an even bigger hole at shortstop is a perfect negotiation point as they pressure the Mets, to say nothing of how the infamous New York media would react if the deal falls through.

From the Minnesota side, both Aaron Gleeman and Dan Hayes of The Athletic have reported that Correa coming back to Minnesota at this point is a long shot.

Even though the two-time All-Star’s home for next season hasn’t yet been determined, a team source firmly believes Correa prefers the Mets and vice versa. The Twins have been in contact with Correa’s agent Scott Boras since news broke on Christmas Eve about the physical Correa took for New York. But the impression the Twins got was that their 2022 team MVP is in favor of playing for the free-wheeling Mets and owner Steven Cohen . . .

At this point, I’d say 1 percent is probably optimistic. There’s a far, far better chance that Farmer is the Opening Day shortstop.

It’s also fair to question why the Twins would increase their offer, or even follow through on their initial one. If big market teams like the Mets and Giants were unwilling to follow through on their reported deals, why would the more cost-conscious Twins? And if a long-term deal can’t be reached with any team, it’s unlikely that Correa would return to the Twins on a shorter deal. As Gleeman and Hayes reported, Correa prefers the Mets. If he settles for less, it will be in New York.

This story is exhausting. I hope he ends up back on the Twins, as unlikely as that is, but for now...