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Could Carlos Correa have cost someone their job?

Maybe heads have already rolled in Minnesota

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UFC 282: Curtis v Buckley Photo by Carmen Mandato/Zuffa LLC

Did you guys know there is some drama out there about Carlos Correa failing physicals? You did? Good, then I don’t need to fill in those blanks. If you really need a recap, click above and Ben has you covered.

Funny, odd even, that the Twins didn’t seem to care about it last year when they signed him to what was (potentially) a $105 million deal. That leads me to three possible conclusions:

  • The Twins knew, but just didn’t care. Given the risk-averse nature of the franchise, this seems unlikely. Therefore, moving on, that leaves two reasonable options.
  • The Twins medical staff missed the concerns, or downplayed them
  • Or, the injury occurred or was exacerbated on the Twins watch.

Either of those latter conclusions implicates the Twins’ medical staff. Either they failed to identify a concern which caused two other teams to pass on a generational talent at a premium position, or they allowed him to play through it.

While the general baseball public doesn’t know what the concern is, the typical speculation is that this is related to an old injury, which means the Twins should have spotted it. Another piece of speculation is the old injury was aggravated during a slide while playing for Minnesota. That means he either hid the injury or had it downplayed by the medical staff tasked with keeping him healthy. Neither is a good look. It feels a bit like the Brusdar Graterol saga from a few years back. Or the whole thing with trading for Sam Dyson (and not even getting into the “garbage human” part of it.)

The Twins fired their head trainer, Michael Salazar after this season. The History Channel conspiracy theorist in me sees a possible connection. I’m not saying it was aliens, but...

Draw your own conclusions.