Twins Updates - Front Office, Coaching Staff, Player Health

There's been plenty of news since the Twins' exit from the playoffs which I find pretty interesting.

1) Byron Buxton - Knee surgery again. This time for the patella. Not good. Now he has multiple areas of inflammation and chronic damage. This type of damage is usually caused by having a person try to work through pain and inflammation as the Twins did with Buxton last year and this year. Falvey's comments don't paint a pretty picture for Buxton's knee in the future. Add that to his other frequent ailments and any hope of a 100+ game Buxton season seems awfully bleak.

2) Alex Kirilloff - While some folks speculated him being pulled from game 3 was due to his costly defensive flub, it was revealed Kirilloff's shoulder was bugging him to the point it hurt to swing. Not sure why he was playing that way to begin with, but the injury is confirmed through the fact he's undergoing shoulder surgery on his labrum. Now with major surgeries on his wrist and shoulder, an injury list which would make Byron Buxton proud, a limited offensive ceiling to begin with, and no defensive value, is it time to move on from Kirilloff? Does he have any trade value for a team who is trying to build? It's clear he can't be trusted as a starter on a playoff caliber team.

3) Front Office Returns - Bobby Nightengale of the Star & Trib is reporting the Twins plan to bring back all their coaches and manager, Rocco Baldelli. Baldelli has recently changed his tune from admitting the strikeouts were a problem early in the season to everything's okay 'cause we walk a lot! This is the team that ended the playoffs with 3 consecutive strikeouts and left approximately 864 runners on base in the playoffs because of said strikeouts. I don't think this is unexpected, but still, the level of arrogance from Baldelli on this is surprising.