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Spooky season in Twins Territory

What terrifies Minnesota Twins opponents?

World Series - Houston Astros v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Six Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

As a child, October 31 was a much-anticipated date. When else besides All Hallows’ Eve is scaring the bejesus out of people, gobbling copious amounts of candy, and sneaking peeks at illicit horror films quasi-encouraged?! Supposedly, my dad took 5-year-old me trick-r-treating during the Minnesota Halloween Blizzard of 1991 ™—mere days after Gene Larkin walked off the Atlanta Braves—though I cannot recall that adventure.

Halloween Blizzard, 1991. FILE PHOTO Kids playing atop a snowed in car in Minneapolis. No IDs. I could be somewhere in that snow for all I know

In that Halloween spirit, let’s look at some of the most terrifying experiences in Twins Territory for opposing players…


  • Seeing Harmon Killebrew dig into the batter’s box and take his square, sturdy stance.
  • Accidentally leaving a ball middle-in to Brian Dozier.
  • Trying to throw a pitch anywhere near the strike zone that Kirby Puckett couldn’t rake.
  • Plunking Miguel Sano and seeing him charge the mound.
Detroit Tigers v Minnesota Twins
I would be running rapidly in the opposite direction if ever presented this situation
Photo by Andy King/Getty Images


  • Desperately searching for a fly ball against the Metrodome’s white roof.
  • Playing 3B and having Rod Carew square to bunt.
Minnesota Twins v Detroit Tigers
You do everything right and he’s still safe by two steps
Photo by Diamond Images/Getty Images
  • Awaiting a Target Field RF wall carom that could be cement, padding, or limestone.


Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
Probably still a strike
Seattle Mariners v Minnesota Twins
About to hose some poor, unexpecting baserunner
Photo by Bruce Kluckhohn/Getty Images
  • Expecting a Johan Santana fastball but instead receiving the circle-change that looks identical coming out of his hand.

In baseball parlance, all the above are just as scary as Michael, Jason, or Freddy. Drop your own Minnesota Twins terrifiers in the comments if you dare!