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Sisyphus’ eternal burden: Name every 2023 Minnesota Twin

TL;DR: Sporcle.

San Francisco Giants v Minnesota Twins
Blast from the (recent) past.
Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

What spawns such a title?

A Googlewhack and a fellow friend.

In coming up with a title for the annual Sporcle Name-That-Twin post, I thought a descriptor of the 2023 Twins would do very nicely.

So I plugged into Google:

“the 2023 minnesota twins are a”

Yet such a seemingly-innocuous phrase turned out to be a Googlewhack, a phrase which produces just one result on the search engine. That one result was this article from Zone Coverage.

And the author of that piece is a familiar name around these parts: Hayden Audette.

I mean... you have to use a bit from that piece, right? Once it’s a Hayden piece, the title has to come from there.

Thus, here we are, and here we Sporcle.

For the uninitiated or the long-lapsed, Sporcle is a quiz site. The quiz below mandates that one name as many of this year’s Twins players as is possible within a 10-minute time frame. A respectable 48 players suited up for the Twins this year — well below last year’s 61 and 2021’s 57 — so the task should not be quite such a wrench on the cranium.

Feel free to discuss results in the comments, but please spoiler-tag any players’ names.

After all, the 2023 Minnesota Twins are a.