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Twins to Have New TV Play-By-Play Voice in 2024

For the first time in 40 years, Dick Bremer won’t be on your TV all summer.

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Kansas City Royals v Minnesota Twins Photo by Brace Hemmelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images

After a long and distinguished 40-year career as the voice of the Minnesota Twins, TV play-by-play announcer Dick Bremer has officially hung up his microphone. Bremer will move into a new role as a Special Assistant to the Front Office and team ambassador. The Twins officially announced the move this morning.

While the Twins, and Bremer himself, seem to be framing the move as a retirement of sorts, Dan Hayes of The Athletic had conflicting information.

A high-ranking team official confirmed health isn’t a factor in the decision; the Twins instead want a change in the booth. Other than a statement in the team’s press release, Bremer declined to comment.

Bremer released the following comment alongside the team’s press release, which at least makes it seem like he doesn’t harbor any bad feelings about the decision:

Whether it was completely Bremer’s decision or not, it was clear he was reaching the end of his lengthy run as the voice of the Twins. With the Twins in search of a new TV partner, it was a natural time to transition to whoever will take the head TV role next.

The new TV deal seems to be hanging over many of the decisions the Twins have to make this offseason. According to filings that have come in since Diamond Sports (Bally’s parent company) filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, the Twins were receiving $54.8 million each year for their TV rights. Whatever the Twins do next, no partner or team-run distribution channel will get them anywhere close to that amount of revenue, which could affect everything from beer prices to team payroll in 2024. If the Twins were the ones pushing for this move, it was likely done to entice new TV partners.

(This is also the portion of offseason analysis where I point out that the Pohlads are billionaires and they could simply decide to spend more money and it would not affect their lives in any meaningful way. However, knowing how the Twins are run, we have to know that the likely $20-$30 million revenue decrease will change things a bit)

As for who will helm the TV booth next, well that will be decided at a later date. Cory Provus, who has done radio for the Twins since John Gordon retired in 2011, should be considered the front-runner. Provus also calls college football games for FOX and occasionally college basketball and volleyball for the Big 10 Network, giving him plenty of experience on TV. He also filled in on Bally Sports North during Opening Day this year while Bremer was out sick, and was a natural in the role.

For the vast majority of us, Bremer is the only Twins announcer we’ve ever known. One of the first things I wrote when I joined TT two years ago was about the comforting monotony of baseball, knowing that it’s there for you nearly every single day, all summer long. Dick Bremer was obviously a huge part of that.

I don’t know Bremer personally. I met him once, he was very kind and cordial. However, the sheer time I’ve spent listening to him talk makes him feel like a close friend. Living outside of the Twins Cities, I’ve probably watched 95% of Twins games on TV since I was 12 years old. Doing all that math would bum me out, but it’s hard to imagine I’ve spent more time listening to anyone else speak. Whatever direction the Twins go next, it will be impossible to replace a man like Dick Bremer, a Minnesota native and fixture in the community.

Everyone be sure to give him one more left-handed toast! Twins games won’t be the same with him, but I’m glad he’ll still be around the team for years to come.