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Rival Roundup, Vol. 44: Long Live the King

A notable major-league signing leads this weekend’s roundup.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Cincinnati Reds Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports


  • After an eventful four seasons (one missed in full), Kenta Maeda has moved onto his next organization, signing a two-year deal with the Detroit Tigers.
  • Despite coming over during the shortened season, and making just 53 appearances in four calendar years with the team, Maeda made an impression and spawned a handful of articles about his departure. He’ll be under contract with the Detroit Tigers for the next two seasons, so despite trimmed-down intra-division schedules, we’ll still be seeing a decent amount of King Kenta around Target Field.
  • Apparently, he’s also got an accidentally built-in Japanese market.
  • There’s going to be a pretty interesting trade market this offseason, and one of the key players will be the Chicago White Sox, whose general manager has more or less indicated the entire roster is up for grabs. One of the near-certain moves involves Dylan Cease, and early signs might point to a fit in the Atlanta Braves rotation.
  • He might not be the only high-profile pitcher leaving the division, either. After selling at the deadline and effectively handing the division to Minnesota, the Guardians don’t necessarily look to be pushing their chips in for the short-term, either.
  • And if you didn’t think moving on from an established starter like Bieber was bad enough, well, what about one of the game’s best closers?
  • Either way, the Guards are known for plugging away and finding a way; their Tampa Bay Rays-style roster turnover has kept them dependably in the mix for the last decade, despite the small-market approach. Was it all Terry Francona’s managerial powers? This new coaching staff will attempt to find out if they can recapture the magic:
  • Meanwhile, the Guardians’ direction may wind up opening doors for the Detroit Tigers, who are trying to take a 2022 Orioles-level leap forward, arriving early into a division that’s thin enough, it may just hand them first place if the arrival is significant.
  • Elsewhere, the Kansas City Royals are having a bit of a municipal skirmish with their plans for a new ballpark (what else is new in the world of publicly-funded billionaire subsidies?) Royals Review has a solid recap of the latest in the quest to replace Kauffman Stadium.

That’s all for now... enjoy your weekend, and keep circulating the round-ups.