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Minnesota 4, New York 3: Late comeback in Yankee Stadium means... the Twins win?

Not the outcome you’d predict, but the outcome you want.

Minnesota Twins v New York Yankees
Correa can levitiate baseballs, at times. It’s a fun party trick, impress your friends.
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

I was fine with Rocco Baldelli starting rookie infielder Edouard Julien in the leadoff slot on Thursday. He’s going to be in MLB sooner or later, so that’s not too much pressure.

I was more worried about Rocco starting rookie pitcher Louie Varland in place of Kenta Maeda today; Varland is trying to crack into a starting lineup that’s done well so far this season, he’s about #7 on the Twins starting pitcher depth chart, and Yankee Stadium is loud and rude.

So, Varland got a little bombed in the first inning. but, after that, he did very well! 6.0 IP, 8 K, 1 BB, 3 ER, that’s pretty goshdarn good, to use Minnesota language.

Yankees starter Nestor Cortes was also pretty goshdarn good. But, in the late innings, a pretty banged-up Carlos Correa did this:

Now, we’re not supposed to use clips at this site. They aren’t as good at search engine crosshits, or whatever... but, to use New York language, because I’ve lived there, I don’t really give a f*** what this company with its former two-story Midtown Manhattan headquarters thinks about how to churn up more f***ing money.

Just a goshdarnit thought.

The Twins’ bullpen was really solid in this one. Including His Dark Materials, Emilio Pagan. Can miracles happen with pagans? Truly, the baseball gods work in mysterious ways, and I for one will not question their wisdom in such matters.