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Game 18: Twins at Red Sox

A close-up look at Minnesota’s attempt to get back in the win column.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Boston Red Sox
This is how we run.
Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

First Pitch: 6:10 PM CDT
TV: Bally Sports North
Radio: TIBN, WCCO 830, The Wolf 102.9 FM, Audacy
Know Thine Enemy: Over the Monster

I had a problem knowing this game was on a Wednesday night.

Since Wednesdays are my game threads & recaps, I knew I needed to watch this game. But I live in Connecticut, where Red Sox games are blacked out on MLB TV, and I don’t get NESN on television.


Exiting the Kenmore T station
First sight of the park as you approach the David Ortiz Bridge
Banners and banners

Time to report from enemy territory again.

I don’t know how many readers on the site of a Minnesota-based sports team have ever been to Fenway Park, but the place is timeless. The park itself is clearly marked as being of older design, given in-seating supporting poles that can lead to obstructed views in certain areas and given its extremely short corner dimensions — sorry for flashbacks to yesterday — but those are accepted as features, not flaws, and lead to fans being able to sit between the foul poles nearly 300 feet from home plate, both at field level in right and 37 feet above the ground in left.

But something is missing today, at least outside the park two hours before first pitch: crowd energy.

When I have been here before, there has always been energy in the streets outside the park brought in and carried throughout the game. (Of course, the Twins will hope to quell the home crowd’s energy, but let’s set that aside for now.) Today, it's quiet. There are no crowds at the memorabilia stores, at the pubs, waiting at the gates... it doesn't feel like the Boston I have experienced. I don't know if it's due to it being a weeknight or the Sox starting off fairly mediocre, but it's quiet in Fenway.

(Though I am seeing traces of humor...)

Unfortunately I'd already eaten

(...and some awesome Twins fans.)

First Julien jerseys spotted in the wild!

(Also, a group of Devers-attired fans in lline behind me were just met by a Fenway ambassador and brought into the stadium. I don't know what exactly they get to do but I'm thrilled to see what it is.)

Still, every time I have seen the Twins and Red Sox play at Fenway Park, it has been a thriller. I saw Kyle Gibson throw seven two-hit innings and Chris Parmelee give the Twins a lead in the tenth with a homer, only for David Ortiz and Mike Napoli to go back-to-back to walk it off for Boston. I saw Rusney Castillo drive in the game’s sole run then rob Aaron Hicks at the wall to preserve a Red Sox shutout. I saw Eddie Rosario gun down Rafael Devers at the plate to end a 2-1 battle and deflate the entire ballpark (and as a bonus, got to see Willians Astudillo play second base).

Here’s hoping tonight adds to the thrill of the game.

And adds to Minnesota’s win total.

it me. Red Miranda jersey today.
The singular is "Red Sok" and I will hear naught to the contrary