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Red Sox 11, Twins 5: Should have just forfeit.

Run away and gain one, move forward and gain -2.

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Boston Red Sox Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

Kenta Maeda started the day a little shaky, giving up a homerun to the first batter he faced, Alex Verdugo, but he managed to keep his composure and get through the rest of the first, and the 2nd without any more damage.

Except to his ankle.

Jarren Durran Durran lined a ball directly into Maeda’s left ankle, and then, like an absolute bad-ass, Maeda picked the ball up and threw it to first for the 3rd out. And then he fell on the ground screaming in pain.

Well that sucks. At least the Twins are still in the ga-

Oh what’s that? Emilio Pagan just gave up 6 runs in the 3rd inning because the front office won’t open my e-mails that are just a link to the wikipedia page for sunk cost fallacy?

The Twinks finally scored in the 5th when Max Kepler ground-ruled in Willi Castro. Unfortunately, when you give a dog a bone, Yu Chang uses it to hit a 2 run homer. (Also there was another run in the 5th, but whatever, I don’t care.)

The Twins Scored 2 more in the 7th when Willi Castro hit a two run shot.

Fresh off of stroking said dong, Two-Way Superstar Castro came in to pitch with two outs in the 8th inning because I guess why not?

Castro got the out, and became the only Twins pitcher of the day to not give up a run. Cool, cool, cool.

The Twins pretended to mount a comeback in the 9th. Christian Vazquez singled in Nick Gordon, then later Ed Julien knocked in Vazquez, but Max Kepler decided to get the last out the game on a TOOTBLAN at home plate.

At least its over.

STUDS: Castro, Maeda

DUDS: Pagan, Alcala