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Twins 5, Padres 3: Clutch Correa

And friends.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Minnesota Twins Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Hey guys, it’s m- Ope, Fernando Tatis Jr. just hit a big ol’ dong off Ober on the very first pitch. I know we want a faster pace of play, but I wasn’t ready to watch yet!

Though the Twins went down in order in their half of the first, they would get a run in the 2nd when Joey “The Joey” Gallo worked a bases loaded walk. Note that when this happened Kyle Farmer was on first due to a HBP, which pls stop doing that you guys.

In the Dad’s 4th, Manny Machado did Manny things and doubled to lead off the inning. Next Juan Soto tactically pinballed a chopper off of Ober’s leg, granting him an RBI double and luckily not killing yet another of our pitchers dead.

In the bottom of said inning, Kyle Farmer came up and said his new catch phrase.

“What I wish to farm....IS JUSTICE!” and then he hit a ball into the stands to tie the game back up at 2 and 2.

Rougned Odor also did a homer though so San Diego was winning again, but who cares about that because Nick Gordon went ahead and did this.

Talk about a Flex Plan am I right???

Baseball continued to happen, including scoreless innings from Emilio Pagan(?!) and Brock Stewart, until the 7th when the Twins remembered that they should probably stop having less runs than the other team, which I assume went something like this:

Baldelli: Guys! I just got all of the the SCIENCE DATA from the SPACE LABORATORY and it says we just should score more runs than the other team! Holy shit!

So the Twins loaded the bases for Max Kepler who managed to not hit into a double play by almost hitting into a double play, but instead drove in one run while Byron Buxton was forced out at 2nd.

Oh look its Carlos Correa who has gone 0/3 tonight and is hitting like .180. coming up with 2 out and 2 on. I sure hope he doesn’t strike out.

He didn’t strike out, btw, he doubled in 2 more Twins runs to finally give the team a lead because he’s a really good player you guys, don’t worry about it.

Jorge Lopez closed the thing out, and the Twins win their 2nd straight, which I’m gonna take as a sign we’re good again.


STUDS: Farmer, Correa, Bullpen

DUDS: No Duds Twins Win