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Twins 7, White Sox 3: Twins accidentally win in 12

Also a bases loaded hit????!!!!

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Pablo López went 7 innings, making one mistake (a 2 run hr off the bat of Eloy Jimenez) but it seemed like he was destined for a hard-luck loss. The Twins offense however managed to scratch up 2 runs thanks to solo dongs by Correa and Buxton in the 6th and 8th respectively, and the bullpen managed to get the team through the rest of the regular game thanks to a 2 out bunt pop out by Billy Hamilton.

Never Bunt Count: 1

Welcome to Manfred Ball, enjoy your stay. First off let’s have Nick Gordon bunt pop out. Get that one squared away.

Never Bunt Count: 2

Maximum Kepler then walked, but Correa did the absolute worst thing he could do and bounced into a double play. Onto the Sox half of the 10th and Brock Stewart!

Q: Who is the exact last guy you want to get to start at second for free?

A: Billy Hamilton, the guy starting at second for free.

Q: What can you do to make the situation even worse?

A: Intentionally walk the first runner to set up a double play and then throw a wild pitch to move both runners up with still no outs.

Luckily Brock’s Onix had been using Bide for the last two turns and was ready to counterattack for massive damage.

Strikeout, Int. Walk, Strikeout, Strikeout. Its super effective!

Hey I wonder if the Twins will hit the ball this inning. Oh look, they already struck out 3 times while I was typing that. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce to you. The Man. The Myth. THE LEGEND. Emilio Pagan.

After failing to bunt twice, Pagan struck out Lenyn Sosa. He then got two more outs (with a int. walk sandwiched between them) without much drama. What an interesting development!

Never Bunt Count: 3

On to the 12th! With Larnach starting at 2nd and old pal Alex Colomé pitching for the Sox, Jose Miranda grounded out to shortstop. Oh no, wait. I forgot that the Chicago Circus was in town, and thus the ball got past Tim Anderson and then Andrew BeNintendo threw the ball to no one in particular. Larnach scores! Joey Gallo came to the plate and then slowly walked to first base.

Now its Jeffers turn with two on, no outs. What outstanding play will happen next? Bunt fielders choice, functionally nothing happens, and now its 1 out 2 on.

Never Bunt Count: 4

Colomé was replaced with lefty Sammy Peralta to face Nick “.160 BA” Gordon. So of course he hit a double and broke the game open, tacking on 2 more runs for the Twims. Kepler and Correa walked to load the bases, and after a Buxton strikeout, Jorge Polanco became the first Twin in history (Don’t look this up just trust me) to get a hit with the bases loaded, singling in their 7th run.

Jovani Moran came in the secure the win, simply needing to not give up 5 runs. Immediately he gave up a run thanks to Billy Hamilton again starting on second, but a double play and a strikeout still made it a quick bottom of the 12th.

The Twins WIN in extras. What a time to be alive!

STUDS: Gordon, Palanco, Bullpen(?!), The White Sox Defense (For us)


Your CotG goes tooo: “Yeah this one’s over. “ SooFoo, like a dummy, in the 10th.

See you tomorrow when the Twins need Willi Castro to pitch 8 innings probably.