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Twins 5, Red Sox 4 (10 inn.): Knock their walk off

W is for Wednesday is for Win.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Minnesota Twins
“Batting is not an optional part of the game, norff.” -Twins, tonight
Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports

(in contrition for not getting TJ’s requested artist parody for the thread, here it is for the recap)

They say we’re bad and sure to lose,
A style of play that won’t amuse.
When inning number one was poo,
We feared the worst prediction was a true
For this blue game.
Where’s a new game?

But soon the Twins took back the lead,
Displaying heart, refusing to concede.
The Red Sox tied it, a brutal fight,
With our manager ejected from this tight
(Gallo too, same.)
It’s a new game!

We’ve got power, send it long;
Watch Max hit another dong.
But Boston tied up the score,
The tension had skied — not many outs more!

The upper ninth was all Duran;
At triple digits, batters only fan.
But Kenley covered eyes with wool,
Necessitating next a bonus full
Not a through game;
It’s a new game.

Top of tenth, Moran on mound;
Top of tenth and fire is found!
Boston fists in tightest clench
Shake in shame when on the bench!
Minnesota’s time is here;
Runners on, the end is clear!
Soon it’s Farmer at the plate;
Winning single worth the wait!

What a due game!
What a due game!
What a due game!...


RF Max Kepler: 2-4, R, 2 RBI, HR
2B Kyle Farmer: 1-2, walk-off RBI single
RP Jovani Moran: perfect Manfred inning (discounting an IBB)
2B (pre-Farmer frames) Edouard Julien: 2-3, R


not tonight

Comment of the Game goes to gintzer for a dose of reality involving Kevin Slowey.
And a bonus Twinkie Town Welcome to NEBlight, whom I know from another blog and who joined the thread for the game. Good to see you here!