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Spiders 4, Twins 2: That Tingler-ly feeling

Sonny Gray’s homerless streak comes to an end. What a loser.

Minnesota Twins v. Kansas City Royals Photo by LG Patterson/MLB Photos via Getty Images

***a wild TJ appears***

*** TJ uses RECAP***

***RECAP is not very effective***

Hi! Welcome to Twinkie Town After Dark. I’m back for the night, filling in for your regularly scheduled Brandon. He said something about magical gnomes stealing his underwear, I think. So prepare for shenanigans in this recap. Beginning with — while the Cleveland baseball organization finally changed their name, and we can now ethically use it in print again, I am still a bit salty they didn’t take our suggestion for “Spiders.” So I’m bringing that back.

Sonny Gray did his job today. When you pitch into the seventh inning, and only surrender three runs, you generally leave your team in a position to win.

But the Twins did not win.

Jorge Polanco started the bottom of the first with a leadoff home run for the Twins. In play, runs.

Sonny Gray gave the run back in the second. Two singles and a players’ choice did the damage.

Minnesota went back ahead in the bottom of the fifth. Christian Vasquez hit a double, and then was doubled in by the inexplicable Donovan Solano.

Before exiting the game in the seventh, Gray gave the run back, and another. With Gabriel Arias on base, Will Brennan hit just the 34th (if I remember the radio fact) homer of the year for the Land of Cleves.

Steven Kwan hit his second home run of the year against the Twins... and at all... off Jorge Alcala in the ninth for an insurance run that the River Fires didn’t need.

And that is all your scoring for tonight.

Rocco Baldelli missed the game, having some abdominal issues checked out. Bench coach Jayce Tingler acted as manager. Hence the headline. While we wish Rocco well, it is probably safe to assume the Twins’ crack team of medical experts have him covered in leeches. Or are harvesting his body parts to attempt to repair Byron Buxton.

Oh, and its apparently Ryan Jeffers’ birthday. Get yourself some ice cream!

How did I get all the way through this without making a joke about a Willi?


Christian Vazquez

Donovan Solano

Kyle Farmer

Jovani Moran



COTG: Zach and his one dog!

Let’s tie this baby up against Mr. Tight Pants

I would have given it to Northth, but this comment made me too sad with its prophetic nature.

the known low-power Guardians represent a great opportunity for Sonny to extend his homerless streak. which obviously means this is the game that it’s getting broken up because that’s how baseball works.