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Rays 4, Twins 2: Hello sub .500 my old friend

How is everyone liking their 31-32 first place Twins?

Minnesota Twins v Tampa Bay Rays
Baseball is for everyone (on the coasts)
Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Objectively good pitcher Bailey Ober started for the Twins today, and upon his shoulders was the hopes and dreams of staying above .500 for not only his own team, but the entire AL-Central.

Well, it started out good. But the Rays are gonna Rays.

In the first inning, after a Kirilloff single, Jorge Polanco lined a ball up the middle off of both the pitcher and an umpire for a fielders choice. Would you like to take a guess who got injured on the play? Yep, it was Polanco somehow. His ankle blew up. It’s gone now.

Meanwhile Ober cruised through 3 perfect innings, including 6 consecutive strikeouts. The 4th seemed like a happy fun time when Carlos Correa lead off with a good old fashioned solo dong, and then Ober retired the first two batters of the bottom half without much trouble.

Then up came Randy Arozarena. A-Roz worked a 7-pitch walk to break up the perfect game, and then Luke Raley tripled him in to break up the shutout. AND then Harold Ramirez homered to break up the Twins ever having a lead again in a baseball game.

Ober seemed to recover with a 1-2-3 5th, an inning also within which the Twins failed to do anything with a lead off Kirilloff double, but then after giving up a single, Ober again walked The Elder Scrolls 1: ArozArena. And that was his day. Griffin Jax came in and figured he should probably throw a ball into the outfield instead of catch Wander Franco stealing 3rd. Can’t have a runner on 3rd if he’s already scored! Rays destroyed by facts and logic.

To his credit, Pitcher Jax did his job and got out of the inning without further damage.

Michael A Taylor did his thing in the 8th, hitting one over the fence to bring the Twins within 2, and a minor bit of hope to us fans. However nothing else happened worth relaying to you. Specifically you, CARL SMITH OF MANKATO.

The Twins are now one game below .500 and still in first place. The AL Central may be a joke, but at least its a hilarious one. I can’t wait until the 75 win Guardians win the world series causing national media to lose it’s collective shit.

Studs: Kirilloff, Correa

Duds: Polanco’s ankle, Kepler (by default)