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Twins 10, White Sox 2: Twins Morb out and unleash the bats

Big Bats

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Pictured: not a bat
Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

After the end of the Third, Sox starter José Ureña was perfect gaming the Twins. And yeah, that felt about right. Why wouldn’t the 90 loss White Sox suddenly perfect us? That would be an incredibly Twins thing to let happen. Our precious boi Kenta Maeda was pitching almost as well, having given up just one hit, but well what can you do when no o-

Oh Julien just lead off the 4th with a homerun? I was trying to brood here, Ed. Very rude. 2 outs later Royce Lewis did the same thing, hitting roughly his 89th homerun in the last 2 weeks. (The Roy in Royce stands for Rookie of the Year, specifically the year of my alternate Tawny calendar that somehow no one has adopted yet.)

More hot bat on ball action happened in the 7th when Matt Walnut conked in 2 with a single, and then scored when Kyle Farmer smashed a ball over the fences.

Maeda finally gave up a run in the bottom of the inning due to a 2 run dunkaroo off the bat of Andrew Vaughn. He finished the inning, and that was it for him.

The Twins padded the lead in the 9th, thanks to an overturned call at first that became a Jorge Polanco single, a later bases juiced walk by Roy from super smash brothers, and a 2 run single from Alex Kiriloff, who wanted to keep up with the other rookies.

Meanwhile Josh Winder and Brent Headrick each pitched scoreless innings and the Twins won. Next stop, World Series.

STUDS: Just everyone!


COTG: Something Joey said

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