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Game 136: Twins at Rangers

Deep in the heart of the season.

Minnesota Twins v Texas Rangers Photo by Tim Heitman/Getty Images

First Pitch: 6:15 pm CDT

TV: FOX/ ~ / Radio: TIBN

It’s deja vu all over again, as for the second straight Saturday, the Twins are playing the Rangers on FOX-broadcasted national television. As a result, I’ve heavily considered copy-pasting last Saturday’s game preview and hoping tonight’s reading audience is feeling a little skim-happy.

Journalistic integrity will out, though, and below you’ll find some unique information about tonight’s matchup.

First, you’ll note that it’s Dallas Keuchel representing the team for his fourth start and fifth appearance in a Twins jersey. Keuchel is coming off the best stretch of his short-lived season, chucking six perfect innings as part of his August 20th start, then pitching five shutout innings in relief during a crucial Texas game on the 27th that helped allow Minnesota a comeback.

On the flip-floppity side of things, Texas rocks with deadline acquisition Jordan Montgomery, who’s put up a 2.30 ERA in a dazzling first five starts with the Rangers. The pitching matchup is certainly a bit lopsided, but as the Twins proved last night, it doesn’t matter so much how the lineup fares against the starter; the Ranger bullpen has been a major Achilles’ heel for manager Bruce Bochy, and Minnesota’s performance against Montgomery may not be fully indicative of what the batting order has in store tonight.

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Enjoy the game!