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Game 158: A’s at Twins

We want the A’s to suffer on the field tonight, not off it.

Oakland Athletics v Colorado Rockies
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

First Pitch: 6:40 PM
Radio: TIBN, WCCO 830, The Wolf 102.9 FM, Audacy
Know Thine Enemy: Athletics Nation

To the state of California came an owner one dark day;
Hardly dared to spend a dollar, shipped his every star away.
Just a man who lives for business, how much money he could grip;
He soon would gain an ally of a big liar at his hip,
Big liar at his hip.

It was early in the season when the owner called his friend,
Planned to tank a losing season so the fans would not attend.
He could justify a move to dry Las Vegas near the strip
With some underhanded tactics from the big liar at his hip,
Big liar at his hip.

In their current town of Oakland, fans reacted with disgust
At the owner who abandoned them, pretending that he must:
“One cannot afford a winner here, this fanbase is a bore;
We will have to go to Vegas, there’s no options left in store,
Options left in store.”

The commissioner supported him with further bald-faced claims,
“We exhausted all our options here, the town played tricky games,
They’re the ones you should be blaming” — that’s the fiction that he fed
While the thought of Vegas money kept on going to his head,
Going to his head.

So the team supporters rapidly decided on a plan:
They’d attend a game in torrents just to stick it to the man.
Filled the stadium with locals and with fans who made the trip,
Flipping fingers at the owner and the big liar at his hip,
Big liar at his hip.

The fanbase met resistance through inflated tickets’ cost;
They were jeered by the commissioner through mockery he tossed.
Though impassioned “SELL THE TEAM!” was heard from every single breath,
The owner signed the deal for Oakland’s team to meet its death,
Team to meet its death.

Not content with Vegas baseball, the commissioner stoked ill:
“Gee, the town just had to spare another couple hundred mill.”
Though the city faced a deficit, gave proof against his quip,
Naught it mattered to the owner and the big liar at his hip,
Big liar at his hip.

Now the season’s almost over, games remaining number five,
And there isn’t much more time while Oakland baseball is alive.
It’s a tragedy in action that two frauds can cruelly rip
Any team from loyal fans through just a big liar and a drip,
Big liar and a drip.
Big liar, big liar:
Always stick it to this owner and the big liar at his hip,
Big liar at his hip.