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Game 56: Twins at Astros

Whoosh goes the calendar.

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Astros 5, Twins 1: Another boring game

Joe Ryan had his worst start of the year and the offense couldn’t get anything done.

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Game 55: Twins at Astros

The Twins try to build momentum in Houston.

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Twins 7, Astros 5: Finally, a clutch, late win

The Twins finally pulled a roller-coaster game in the late innings

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The Latest

Game 54: Twins at Astros

Can the Twins win a series?

Blue Jays 3, Twins 0: Blue birds & boo-birds

Another lackluster Sunday afternoon from the hometown nine

Game 53: Blue Jays at Twins

The best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be

Twins 9, Blue Jays 7: Battered Jay Saturday

The lineup jolts to life with some unexpected performances.

Twins History and Nostalgia

Game 52: Blue Jays at Twins

Minnesota tries for a little Saturday momentum.

Twins Minor Leagues

Blue Jays 3, Twins 1: I understand it, but I don’t want it

Nothing really great or awful, just a mediocre team from a good division beating a mediocre team from a bad division.

Game LI: Blue Jays @ Twins

The always-polite fans of their Canadian Club visit Target Field.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Book Club

Rocco’s Rocky Road

If the Twins don’t capture the flag in 2023, it may be time for a change

Off-Day Observations: Not Winning the Close Ones

Digging into the Twins’ expected record and challenges in close games, plus an update on free bases allowed, and an interesting comp for a young player!

Twinkie Town Merch Store

Twins 7, Giants 1: Err club for men

Featuring 105. You’ll see.

Game 50: Giants at Twins

Minnesota reaches a numerical season milestone.

Giants 4, Twins 3: Bullpen squanders early lead

The Twins led in this game through 5 innings but the bullpen was unable to hold that lead as the offense went quiet.

Game 49: Giants at Twins

Sonny Gray looks to get the Twins back on track in game two of this series.

Giants 4, Twins 1: Flat from the start

Bailey Ober gave up four in the first and the bats never got going

Game 48: Giants at Twins

Man, am I Ober this one step forward two steps back stuff

Angels 4, Twins 2: The Definition of Insanity

New game, same script.

Game 47: Twins at Angels

The Twins go for the series win against the Shohei Ohtani and the Angels.

Twins 6, Angels 2: Beauty Varland

Varland turns in a solid start against an offensive backdrop.

Game 46: Twins at Angels

Twinkie Town After Dark continues its run at the top of the ratings.

Angels 5, Twins 4: In which I become bored, then interested, then bored again

Early wild swinging and late sketchy pitching mean a Pacific Time Zone loss.

Game XLV: Twins @ Angels Angels of Anaheim

This week’s TT After Dark series continues in the suburbs of Disneyland.

2003 Candles in the Wind (Pt. 1): Todd Sears

The first of three unlikely ‘03 contributors

Griffin Jax’s Results Have Not Matched His Process

The high-leverage reliever’s top-line numbers are obscuring his subtle improvements

Dodgers 7, Twins 3: Bases loaded bollocks

Also, Pagán.

Game 44: Twins at Dodgers

"Dodge this." -Trinity

Twins 5, Dodgers 1: Future Farmers of America

Bailey Ober once again delivered and Kyle Farmer had some timely hits as the Twins won at LAD for the first time in 18 years.

Game 43: Twins at Dodgers

Can the Twins overcome the Dodgers? Probably not if the umps have anything to say about it.

Dodgers 9, Twins 8: Dodgers outlast the Twins in 12 innings

The Twins showed resiliency on the road but the Dodgers just kept coming