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Listen up—a top five of baseball podcasts

For all your exercise, commuting, and household chore needs.

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The Case for Miguel Sano

Does the big man deserve another chance?

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Twinkie Town Analytics Fundamentals: Running the Bases

Part 7: It’s more than stolen bases. (Stealing is often not a great play, anyways.)

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Monday Morning Minnesota: Edition Edition. (Special Edition)

Or just some links like always.

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The Latest

Call for Twins 2022-2023 Off-Season Plans

How would you handle this off-season? Pretend you’re the Falvine and let us know your plans for the future of the Twins

Why the Twins traded for Michael A Taylor

What will Taylor’s role be with the Twins?

Rival Roundup, Vol. 35: The Rivals Are Coming From Inside the House

An intra-division trade spices things up a bit.

Whew—and what?!

Just as the Vikings were letting down, the Twins were lighting up

Twins History and Nostalgia

A Long, Strange Road: The Carlos Correa Timeline

How the Twins ended up as the Ben Affleck of the MLB

Twins Minor Leagues

Joe Ryan Tinkered With His Slider

Rookie seasons can hinge on making adjustments. Ryan might have found a slider that works last September.

Twins to acquire OF Michael A Taylor in swap with rival Royals

Take the word "rival" lightly.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Book Club

Monday Morning Minnesota: Trade fallout edition

I will miss u forever, Arraez

The Twins’ roster is much improved from where it was just one year ago

The Twins front office is doing work

Twinkie Town Merch Store

Which Twins CF would you take at his peak?

Kirby vs. Torii vs. Byron

BREAKING: Twins trade Luis Arraez to Marlins for Pablo López, Prospects

The Twins acquire a quality starter for the 2022 AL Batting Champion.

Rival Roundup, Vol. 34: Or, All These Chapped Men

If you’re here for chapped men, you’ve come to the right place.

Offseason Temperature Check

How we feeling so far?

Pitching Options: Relievers

Taking a look at some options for the bullpen

There’s No Such Thing as Enough Pitching

Making Sense of the Twins’ Reported Interest in Back-End Starters

Monday Morning Minnesota: Still thinking about Correa edition

What a time to be alive.

Twins opt for cost-certainty, potential upside with Chris Paddack extension

Paddack will be with the Twins through at least 2025

Rival Roundup, Vol. 33: It Smells Like Broke Out There

The American League Central has a relatively boring week.

Why Steve Cohen is good for baseball

The rare situation where the richest guy in the room may have the moral high ground

Correa signing is official; Twins to hold press conference at 11:30a Central

That pending physical is done!

Twins ink Correa to six-year deal with vesting options, pending physical


Twins Trade Options: Starting Pitchers

Taking a look at some options to round out the rotation

The Twins continue to shore up their depth with experienced players

Minnesota has added relief pitcher, catcher with significant big league experience.

Could Carlos Correa have cost someone their job?

Maybe heads have already rolled in Minnesota

Your Weekly Carlos Correa Update

The Mets are at an impasse with Correa. I’m at an impasse with my emotions.

That time the 2000 Twins almost played in a MOA parking lot

And other things you can pick up in Stew Thornley books.

TFW! comes to the Twin Cities

Another free agent catcher. Perhaps the most fun the Twins have had in a bit.Another fre

2023 Twins Anniversaries

Some round number remembrances