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Lockout, Shmockout: Part 2

You guys, this might actually be a problem.

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Should Joe Nathan be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame?

The powerhouse closer probably deserves a better look than he’s getting.

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An MLB Alternative to the Winter Classic

I’m not saying it’s a good idea, but I’m also not saying it’s a bad one.

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Ron Gardenhire, Dan Gladden, César Tovar named to Twins Hall of Fame

The three will be inducted in August.

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Friday Four: Liriano, Top Prospects, International Signings, and Some Dongs

Players locked in for 2022, and how much they are making

A quick look at Twins player contracts for 2022 and beyond

Twinkie Town Prospect Vote 2022: Round 6

"A critic once characterized baseball as six minutes of action crammed into two-and-one-half hours." - Ray Fitzgerald

Twins History and Nostalgia

Lockout Special: Breaking the (Unwritten) Rules

Ft. the Unwritten Rules, Collective Bargaining, Jose Mijares, & More

Twinkie Town Prospect Vote 2022: Round 5

"There are only five things you can do in baseball: run, throw, catch, hit and hit with power" - Leo Durocher

Twins Minor Leagues

The holidays are over, COVID slogs on, it’s far below freezing—and I’m getting worried about baseball

For those who lived through them, how did you reconcile work stoppages with your fandom?

A Hot Stove session with Frank Quilici

Here’s a little tale that would have been suitable for James Filmore’s Twins memorabilia series. But I think it fits better in the Hot Stove season, although as you can see it is a fireplace not a stove.

From Vox Media

We're building great things, and we need your talent.

Book Club

Friday Four: Lockout Update, Kaat, Streaming, Torii Hunter Saves the Day

I love baseball, but I’m beginning to believe most of the owners don’t.

Twinkie Town Prospect Vote 2022: Round 4

"You spend a good deal of your life gripping a baseball, and it turns out it was the other way around all the time." - Jim Bouton

Twinkie Town Merch Store

How vertical approach angle helps explain “sneaky” fastballs

This new stat gives us a better understanding of why some otherwise unimpressive fastballs seem to be invisible

Twinkie Town Prospect Vote 2022: Round 3

"There are three things you can do in a baseball game. You can win, or you can lose, or it can rain." - Casey Stengel

Should Justin Morneau be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame?

The longtime Twins first baseman kicks off our 2022 HOF ballot discussion.

The time I made Harmon Killebrew laugh

2022’s starting pitching can’t be worse than a decade ago—can it?

Auld acquaintances you’ll definitely want to forget

The Friday Four: Park, Rosenthal, and a Target Field Tandem

Whose idea was it to play outdoors in Minnesota anyway?

Twinkie Town Prospect Vote 2022: Round 2

Royce Lewis tops our list, who will be next?

The All-Random Twins All Star Team

A collection of "oh yeah," "really?" and "WTF???"

Twinkie Town Prospect Vote 2022: Round 1

Something to heat up the cold stove

Monday Morning Minnesota: Welcome to the new year, same as the old year edition

The lockout goes on, the link well runs dry

Happy New Year! One Way or Another, We’re Probably Doomed

In which Bob hopes and prays MLB listens to him

Twinkie Town’s Best of 2021

The staff pick their favorite pieces from the year gone by

Twinkie Town Prospect Vote 2022 Preview

Recap of Last Year

Twinkie Town’s New Site Manager

Ben is new, but he’s nice, we promise.

A visit from the Ghost of Twins Baseball Past

Where would you want the spirit to take you?

The twelve days of Twins-mas

A beloved carol

Scenes from an off-season, volume the next

Tony O & Kitty’s different paths to Cooperstown

The tortoise & the hare

How we got Danes drunk & pregnant at a Minnesota fishing resort

Per request, a story with an X-rated title and PG-13 delivery. About summer, and romance. Maybe, also, a way to say goodbye.