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Writing things since a date. Maybe.

A’s 2, Twins 1: Relief Practice

Twins successfully do not hurt themselves!

Game 159: Athletics at Twins

A game in which players simply try not to get injured

Twins 10, White Sox 2: Twins Morb out and unleash the bats

Big Bats

Game 147: Twins at White Sox

One of the games of all time

Twins 7, Rangers 5: One True Outcome (Happiness)

Dong your way to inner peace

Game 128: Rangers at Twins

Stop losing games now pls

Tigers 3: Twins 0: WAKE ME UP INSIDE (CAN’T WAKE UP)

How is a first place team this loathsome?

Game 117: Twins at Tigers

Twins stop losing against the worst teams challenge

Twins 5, Cardinals 3: Bad Team slightly better than worse team

Still above .500!

Game 110: Twins at Cardinals