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Writing things since a date. Maybe.

Twins 5, Padres 3: Clutch Correa

And friends.

Game 38: Padres at Twins

What’s a dad?

Twins 7, White Sox 3: Twins accidentally win in 12

Also a bases loaded hit????!!!!

Twins 7, Royals 1: We should play the Royals every day!

Game 26: Royals at Twins

Time to beat up on the 6-19 Kaiba Corporation Royals

Red Sox 11, Twins 5: Should have just forfeit.

Run away and gain one, move forward and gain -2.

Game 19: Twins at Red Sox

Pls join my Joey Gallo fan club

Twins 11, Yankees 2: That just happened

This headline is not a mistake.

Game 13: Twins at Yankees

Oh. Yay.

Game 7 Postponed

lmao outdoor baseball in Minnesota