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Writing things since a date. Maybe.

Mariners 5, Twins 0

Well that sucked.

Game 98: Twins at Mariners

Keep winning imo

Twins 6, Red Sox 0: Welcome to the Joe Show

Joe Ryan just pitched such a good game I’m not even going to try make a joke here.

Game 76: Red Sox at Twins

The Battle for .500 continues.

Tigers 8, Twins 4: Minnesota starts to win, eventually stops.

Against the Tigers, guys? C’mon.

Game 69 (Nice:) Tigers at Twins

Pls beat up on the Tigers

Rays 4, Twins 2: Hello sub .500 my old friend

How is everyone liking their 31-32 first place Twins?

Game 63: Twins at Rays

Guys, Gals, and Non-Binary Pals, your 1st place 31-31 Minnesota Twins.

Twins 7, Guardians 6: Walk Off Willi

Wow we actually won?!

Game 57: Guardians at Twins

The Battle of the Worst Division