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Twins 7, Astros 5: Finally, a clutch, late win

The Twins finally pulled a roller-coaster game in the late innings

Game 54: Twins at Astros

Can the Twins win a series?

Giants 4, Twins 1: Flat from the start

Bailey Ober gave up four in the first and the bats never got going

Game 48: Giants at Twins

Man, am I Ober this one step forward two steps back stuff

Dodgers 9, Twins 8: Dodgers outlast the Twins in 12 innings

The Twins showed resiliency on the road but the Dodgers just kept coming

Game 42: Twins at Dodgers

How the will the Twins fare in a step up in competition?

Twins 6, Yankees 1: A beautiful Sonny day

Sonny Gray was masterful as the Twins defeated the Yankees with ease

Game 23: Yankees at Twins

The Twins look to right the ship against a formidable foe

White Sox 4, Twins 3: Nobody deserved to win this one

The Twins couldn’t hit and the White Sox couldn’t field, and the Twins lost

Game 10: White Sox at Twins

The Twins look to continue their strong start against a divisional foe