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Twinkie Town Site Manager/Chocolate Hater

Twins 4, Royals 0: Twins Go Up, Mahle Goes Down

The Twins completed an important sweep against KC, but lost Tyler Mahle in the process.

A Dose of Minnesota Optimism

Good vibes only.

Grading the Twins Trade Deadline

Twinkie Town July Awards

There were lots of bad parts of July, but there was also José Miranda.

Twins Trade Deadline Rumor Round Up

The Twins are in first place but have a few distinct needs at the deadline. What moves are they looking to make before Tuesday’s deadline?

What would a realistic Juan Soto trade look like for the Twins?

Just let a man dream.

2022 MLB Draft Tracker

Stay tuned to this page for the next three days as we’ll be tracking each pick the Twins make. Come chat about it with us!

2022 Minnesota Twins MLB Draft Guide

Come learn about how the MLB Draft works and who the Twins will select in 2022.

Reacts Results: Twins Pitcher Trade Targets

The people have spoken. Where Frankie?

Rangers 6, Twins 5: Sonny Gray and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Inning

Have I officially killed this reference now?