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Pop and Lock(out)

You don’t have to go home, but...uh...

Roster Review - 11/30: Arbitration Results

Among other machinations, the Twins have finalized the next working draft of their 2022 Opening Day roster.

2022 Twins Arbitration Candidates

With the arb deadline looming, it’s time to get an advance look at some figure estimates.

HOF, Minnesotan Style

A Twins-heavy 2022 ballot raises some candidacy questions.

Roster Review - 11/19: Rule 5 Rumblings

Falvine have made their decision, and the decision is final.

Woken Nitwit Wednesday: Bye, bye, Berrios... and Buxton?

Current and former Twins find themselves in and around the hot stove.

It’s Tingle Time: Jayce Tingler named bench coach

The Minnesota staff just got a little tinglier.

Woken Nitwit Links: New blood and Gold Gloves

The offseason is upon us, which means, time to get Twinsy again.

World Series Game Six - Open Thread

Is the Plouffe in the pudding?

World Series Game Five - Open Thread

Is this it??