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F/10 - Guardians 3, Twins 2: Horseshoes

Free baseball (with purchase.)

Game 34: Guardians at Twins

Saturday night and we, in fact, in the spot.

Twins 1, Athletics 0: Polancoville, Population Polanco

A tightly-wound pitcher’s duel tips Minny’s way thanks to their second baseman’s swing.

Game 28: Athletics at Twins

I hear they’re playing baseball again. Tune in to be sure.

Twins 9, Rays 1: Ain’t nothin’ but a Shane

The Twins take on a tough assignment and come away with the win.

Game 21: Twins at Rays

Minnesota tries to pivot to Tropicana from Tropican’t.

Twins 9, White Sox 2: Bucking the trend

The bats finally light up and tell the Sox what’s what.

Game 15: White Sox at Twins

Earned runs, schmearned runs.

Red Sox 8, Twins 1: Goose eggs lead to an Easter treat for Boston

They don’t call it Easter Funday for a reason.

Red Sox 4, Twins 0: It can’t always be Sonny

Gray’s hamstring injury derails the second game of the series.