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Rival Roundup, Vol. 52: Creepin’ Closer

There’s still plenty of free-agency activity to come, but the first week of spring is settling in.

Rival Roundup, Vol. 51: Reporting For Duty

Here it comes.

Rival Roundup, Vol. 50: At Witt’s End

A huge extension dominates this week’s Central news.

Twins to return to Bally for 2024


Should Joe Mauer be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame?

The book is closing on one of Twins Territory’s more infamous debates.

Rival Roundup, Vol. 49: Arby Traction

Figures are fancied and limits are learned.

Rival Roundup, Vol. 48: New Year, New Park

A ballpark quest continues, and a legend lives.

Rival Roundup, Vol. 47: Home for the Holidays

The stove ignites — only to calm down for Christmas.

Rival Roundup, Vol. 46: Royal Treatment

Kansas City keeps trucking as most of the Central sleeps.

Rival Roundup, Vol. 45: Tanking

AL Central rumors, uh, weren’t exactly the focus of the weekend.