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Twins 9, Rangers 7 (F/10) - September Baseball

A national nail-biter tips the Twins’ way.

Game 136: Twins at Rangers

Deep in the heart of the season.

Rangers 6, Twins 2: Tripping at the Finish

The Twins go toe-to-toe with Texas, but can’t close the deal.

Game 130: Rangers at Twins

Can the climb continue?

Twins 12, Diamondbacks 1: Well Played

The Twins honor Joe Mauer with a rousing offensive performance.

Game 112: Diamondbacks at Twins

What DO you know about that?

Royals 10, Twins 7: Witt Gets B.O.

Another statement night from the flagship Royal shortstop

Game 106: Twins at Royals

It’s losses like that which tighten the screws.

Twins 3, White Sox 2: Climb in the Prime Time

The Twins keep the wins a-comin’ on FOX.

Game 100: White Sox at Twins

63 games to go.