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Twins 3, Giants 2 - F/10: Sometimes it rains

After an eighth-inning rain delay, a transformed Twins team retook the field.

Game 125: Giants at Twins

The creep to relevance continues, but the Twins need to get rolling again.

F/11 - Angels 5, Twins 3: Unfortunately, Emilio Pagan

Most unfortunately, Emilio Pagan.

Game 112: Twins at Angels

Can’t start a streak if you don’t win a pair!

Twins 7, Blue Jays 3: Rain goes away, comes again another day

The Twins take the season series from one of the toughest teams in the American League.

Game 107: Blue Jays at Twins

It’s Jays vs. Twins, and Jays and Twins vs. Rain.

Twins 7, Padres 4: Revenge of the win column

The Twins get back on the horse in San Diego.

Game 100: Twins at Padres

The matchup the nation has been waiting for.

Twins 8, Tigers 4: Arraezumption of the season

The Twins compile a hard-earned team win in their first game back out of the break.

Game 95: Twins at Tigers

And we’re back!