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A mean, mean man. That is to say average, average.

The 2012 documentary you may have missed: Knuckleball!

99% spoiler-free. (Hint: throwing a knuckler successfully is a really, really difficult thing to do.)

The different versions of "Fever Pitch"

We look at the better sports movie that was remade into a OK-but-shallower sports movie.

Classic player video game ULTIMATE WORLD SERIES SHOWDOWN

It’s the final imaginary round of teams featuring old/new players (and a recently traded one).

The choicest delectable baseball-ish links for you

Once again, the Hosken Powell Memorial Link Dump lives on, so that overflowing browser windows I have open can die.

Classic player video game ULTIMATE PLAYOFF SHOWDOWN (vol. 2)

Oh yeah, I'm continuing this article series. You don't like it? Go click ads!

Classic player video game ULTIMATE PLAYOFF SHOWDOWN (vol. 1)

ALL CAPS because that’s how ULTIMATE it is

A book about the things wrong in kids’ sports, and how to fix them

I found this interesting, and I’m not a parent myself. (Mrs. James is a teacher, though, so I get ALL the diseases schoolkids pass around.)

A great judge’s passing, and more links for your perusal

We salute the late Judge Harry Crump, who saved the Twins. And other links.

Baseball (and more) links, cute dogs edition

With only the minimum percentage of sad or annoying stories. More fun ones! And dogs!

All the A’s moving to Vegas links you need

From the infuriating to the corrupt to the horrible. I promise there’s a cheery one near the end.