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A mean, mean man. That is to say average, average.

Blue Jays 3, Twins 1: I understand it, but I don’t want it

Nothing really great or awful, just a mediocre team from a good division beating a mediocre team from a bad division.

Game LI: Blue Jays @ Twins

The always-polite fans of their Canadian Club visit Target Field.

Angels 5, Twins 4: In which I become bored, then interested, then bored again

Early wild swinging and late sketchy pitching mean a Pacific Time Zone loss.

Game XLV: Twins @ Angels Angels of Anaheim

This week’s TT After Dark series continues in the suburbs of Disneyland.

Cubs 6, Twins 2: Bats, bullpen struggle, Twins fans say “what a shocking shock”

This is exactly the team that was assembled this offseason. Good starting pitching and iffy everything else.

Game XXXIX: Cubs @ Twins

Your free-swingin' faves and Sonny Gray take on the baby bears.

Twins 2, Guardians 0: Minnesota prevails in pitching duel/battle of batting futility

Bailey Obermatched Cleveland’s lineup? Maybe?

Game XXXIII: Twins @ Guardians

Let Twins be your "blast Battenfield." (Extreme nerd points for anyone who gets that reference.)

Game 32: Twins at White Sox

quickie gamethread

Twins 8, Royals 6: Extra, extra bases

Sloppy pitching late turns an early large lead into Drama City.