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A mean, mean man. That is to say average, average.

Baseball (and more) links, cute dogs edition

With only the minimum percentage of sad or annoying stories. More fun ones! And dogs!

All the A’s moving to Vegas links you need

From the infuriating to the corrupt to the horrible. I promise there’s a cheery one near the end.

Selected steamy links 4 U

In which a Huff is a whiny doofus, and a Trevor calls out a different doofus.

Two new baseball movies

One’s about people who fought prejudice, the other is not — but they both changed the game.

Quick fun links I would have used in a Game 5 intro

I wanted to share these, and so I am!

Really interesting links, TRUST ME

I could NOT think of a good title for this, as "Hosken Powell Memorial Link Dump" has been copyrighted

Game CLX: Twins @ Rockies

Not a typo, they start this game at 8:10 Mountain Time. Which is odd.

Game CLIV: Anaheim @ Twins

The Twins will try to lock down the AL Central against an ailing Angels team.

Twins 10, White Sux 2: Boring Royce Lewis hits another lousy grand slam

Someone call me when he does something impressive, like steal the pitcher’s glove during a game.

Game CXLVIII: Twins @ White Sux

Bailey Ober gets the start tonight for the Twins after returning from AAA.