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A mean, mean man. That is to say average, average.

Game XIV: White Sox @ Twins

Minnesota gets its first test against the overwhelming preseason division favorite (weather permitting).

Twins 8, Red Sox 4: Ryan pitches well, Buxton leaves with “knee soreness”

Talk about your good news/bad news situation.

Game VII: Twins @ Red Sox

MLB honors a great American, and the Twins play in Fenway.

Mariners 2, Twins 1: We’re gonna need a bigger boat

The Twins’ 2022 pitching strategy is just as successful as you hoped, and the team just as successful as you feared.

Game I: Mariners @ Twins

And awayyy we go...

So, um, hey, what's your avatar?

Why not share stories of your chosen user image? Stories you are strongly advised NOT to geek out over on a first date.

Book review: “Loving Sports When They Don’t Love You Back”

Two sports journalists cover the dumb, corrupt, dark and controversial sides of the games we love.

How we got Danes drunk & pregnant at a Minnesota fishing resort

Per request, a story with an X-rated title and PG-13 delivery. About summer, and romance. Maybe, also, a way to say goodbye.

My best (and worst) live sports experiences

Or, "I'm tired of editing this thing, it's better than some sportswriting out there, I can live with it, hit the button already"

Royals 11, Twins 6: Philosophers’ roundtable

Being the quest to Know All about what goes on in baseball dugout conversations, and other matters.