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A mean, mean man. That is to say average, average.

Game CLI: Angels @ Twins

Assuming it’s not rained out, that is.

Guardians 4, Twins 3: Better never than late

Coulda, shoulda, woulda, weren’t gonna do great this weekend anyways.

Game CXLIII: Twins @ Guardians

It’s the end of the hope as we know it, and I feel fine

Guardians 7, Twins 6: Probabilities prevail

After falling behind 0-7, Minnesota made this interesting... but the better team won.

Game CXXXVII: Guardians @ Twins

Hey, maybe Minnesota can catch Cleveland this weekend, with Bundy, Archer and TBA on the mound! Could happen!

White Sox 4, Twins 3: Promising, then disappointing, then annoying as heck

The Twins didn’t do what they could have offensively, and that left an opening for Chicago to win in the most 2022 Whte Sox way.

Game CXXX: Twins @ White Sox

It’ll be Sonny Gray, Minnesota’s best starter, in this "maybe we can catch Cleveland" contest.

Twins 9, Giants 0: Like Lizzo sings, it’s about d**n time

When nine guys bat in one inning, you have a good chance of ending your losing streak.

Game CXXIV: Giants @ Twins

Can the Twins turn this baby around? This baby is in grave danger of being run over.

Twins 2, Texas 1: Longest win streak since... May?

It was fun, then boring, then stressful, then HAHAHAHA