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A mean, mean man. That is to say average, average.

Two new baseball movies

One’s about people who fought prejudice, the other is not — but they both changed the game.

Quick fun links I would have used in a Game 5 intro

I wanted to share these, and so I am!

Really interesting links, TRUST ME

I could NOT think of a good title for this, as "Hosken Powell Memorial Link Dump" has been copyrighted

Game CLX: Twins @ Rockies

Not a typo, they start this game at 8:10 Mountain Time. Which is odd.

Game CLIV: Anaheim @ Twins

The Twins will try to lock down the AL Central against an ailing Angels team.

Twins 10, White Sux 2: Boring Royce Lewis hits another lousy grand slam

Someone call me when he does something impressive, like steal the pitcher’s glove during a game.

Game CXLVIII: Twins @ White Sux

Bailey Ober gets the start tonight for the Twins after returning from AAA.

Twins 5, Mets 2: Keuchel’s smoke-and-mirrors continues

Hey, I’ll take it.

Game CXLI: Mets @ Twins

On paper, the pitching matchup looks hard to beat... but we’ll see.

Game CXXXV: Twins @ Rangers

Yes, the Twins just played this team... and yes, you hit your head and traveled back in time. Both things are true. Deal with it.