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A mean, mean man. That is to say average, average.

Twins 2, Texas 1: Longest win streak since... May?

It was fun, then boring, then stressful, then HAHAHAHA

Game CXVII: Texas @ Twins

Texas just fired their manager and GM, so hopefully that doesn’t fire up their players tonight.

Twins 4, Angels 0: Let the victorying commence!

Newbie guy Mahle does what you'd want and the Angels crowd gets loud/enthusiastic? because they were losing.

Game CXI: Twins @ Angels

Can the Twins snap out of their funk against a team in one of their own?

Twins 6, Blue Jays 5: Accept the Strange

Because in baseball, like life, sometimes Dumb Luck works out the way you'd want it to.

Game CVI: Blue Jays @ Twins

An old friend tries to be mean to our new friends’ team.

Padres 10, Twins 1: giant batch of “don’t care”

And this is the recap. Ask me for more when I’m less tired.

Game XCIX: Twins @ Padres

In one of the few stadiums to have kept its same naming rights since the day it opened in 2004.

White Sox 6, Twins 2: Nothing to be proud of

If you started work at 5:45 this morning, this game was not of great thrill-o-matic interest. If you didn’t, you are not me, and maybe it thrilled you. But I doubt it.

Game XCII: White Sox @ Twins

Or, game 8 of 19; will you miss this many games in-division when they’re gone?