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A mean, mean man. That is to say average, average.

In which I sing the praises of a box

You have what makes you happy, I have what makes me happy.

War On The Diamond: A half interesting, half-frustrating new documentary

A fascinating story is kinda bungled, and a minor story made more interesting than you'd expect.

That one time I asked SooFoo to be a witness at our wedding

Because that’s a thing you do to a fellow writer you’ve never met, right?

MLB Playoffs Open Thread

Might as well use it until we lose it.

Twins 7, Tigers 0: Well, that’s gotta be a bummer for the Tigers

On a roll since firing their GM, the Tigers plonked. Guess that changing corporate chairwarmers isn’t necessarily a permanent fix.

Game 157: Arraez @ Tigers

Shh! Don’t tell Luis we’re all watching him! The pressure could jinx it!

Angels 4, Twins 2: Somehow, the Twins have a better record than the Angels

In a snoozer, even Ohtani is kinda sloppy on the mound, but that’s unimportant against this injury-riddled Twins lineup.

Game CLI: Angels @ Twins

Assuming it’s not rained out, that is.

Guardians 4, Twins 3: Better never than late

Coulda, shoulda, woulda, weren’t gonna do great this weekend anyways.

Game CXLIII: Twins @ Guardians

It’s the end of the hope as we know it, and I feel fine