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Twins Tunes: “Kitty Kaat”

Celebrating Twins legend Jim Kaat, who was a heckuva fielder.

Twins Tunes: “Randy Bush”

Introducing Twins Tunes, wherein Louie writes and records songs about various Twins.

Jose Berrios is entering ace territory

The Twins youngster is improving in all the right ways

Eddie Rosario is baseball’s best bad-ball hitter

Last weekend Rosario showed that he’s locked in when the ball’s out.

Fernando’s freaky fastball

Fernando Romero impressed on Wednesday with a devastating heater

Twins pitching: Now with strikeouts!

And walks. But let’s try to find a silver lining after the Bronx Bloodbath.

Ranking Joe Mauer among MLB’s all-time hometown players

How does Mauer stack up against MLB’s pantheon of Hometown Heroes?

Ryan LaMarre is already a historic Twin

And not just for his walk-off hit on Wednesday.

The Twins don’t understand unwritten rules

Someone should really write these things down! They’re confusing.

Twins 2018 Season Preview: What did Spring Training tell us?

Sure, 99% of Spring Training stats are meaningless. But let’s look at a couple that aren’t.