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Lance Lynn versus the juiced ball

The Twins’ newest pitcher gave up a boatload of bombs last year. Was it bad luck or something more concerning?

Is Zack Granite better than we think?

Traditional scouts see Granite as a fourth outfielder, but he might be capable of more.

Joe Mauer has earned every penny

As Mauer enters the final year of his contract with the Twins, let’s remind ourselves why great players actually deserve to be paid.

How long will Fernando Rodney last as Twins’ closer?

The Twins have said Fernando Rodney will be their closer, but then they signed Addison Reed...

PECOTA pegs Twins for 82 wins in 2018

Baseball Prospectus’s annual projections see the Twins as slightly above average in baseball’s worst division.

Which Twin had the most fun celebrating clinching the playoffs?

They all deserved to, but some did more than others.

Miguel Sano has a problem at the plate

If the Twins slugger doesn’t evolve, he might never see a fastball again.

Eddie Rosario is Ed-ily and steadily improving

He’ll never be a walk-machine, but Eddie Rosario has made small changes in his approach that have yielded dividends.

Can the Twins contend with this pitching staff?

A look at the historical data may give us a hint.

Is it better to be lucky than good?

Being a modern, SABR-minded baseball fan can make “unsustainable” success complicated.