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2023 SBN Offseason Simulation: The Shadow Tigers??!?

Benedict TJ runs a fake team

Rockies 3, Twins 2: Playoff ready

A game that no one cared about went two innings too long.

Twins 5, Rangers 1: Fly away, little baseball!

and I thought this would be boring.

Rocco Baldelli: My new title is ‘King’

Big changes are coming to the Twins clubhouse

Twins 5, White Sox 4: Bats oversleep, show up late but just in time (12 innings)

Stealing an undeserved win

Twinkie Town What if? What if Joe Mauer didn’t get concussed

You never really know!

Game 97: Twins at Mariners

Spiders 4, Twins 2: That Tingler-ly feeling

Sonny Gray’s homerless streak comes to an end. What a loser.

Theme nights announced for 2023, here are the ones that just missed the cut

These could have been so much fun!

Could Carlos Correa have cost someone their job?

Maybe heads have already rolled in Minnesota