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TFW! comes to the Twin Cities

Another free agent catcher. Perhaps the most fun the Twins have had in a bit.Another fre

An oral history of Twins’ Joes

A veritable celebration of old-timey ballplayers!

2022 SBNation MLB off season simulation: The Shadow Twins burn it down and build from the ashes

In which our author emulates the... Cincinnati Reds?

Dear HOA: A petition to ban scary Halloween costumes, by Joseph P Mauer

Cripes almighty, its just not good okay.

Jake Cave “confused” by existence of Old Bay seasoning

"Where the F**k is the ranch?

Viral Facebook Campaign Encourages Twins Fans to Feed Carlos Correa

Fans on social media advocate a novel approach to retaining free agents.

Awakening from coma, Twins fan asks “what the hell happened”


Tigers 5, Twins 0: Feels like 2020 all over again

TJ (and other cool people) preview the AL Central with the Royals Review Radio podcast

If you want to listen to my stupid voice

Welcome to the club, newbie