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A wild ‘03 finish vanquishes an old nemesis

John Gordon goes bananas!

Game 131: Rangers at Twins

When Washington lost a team—but also didn’t—but then did again

13 games to decide the season

Time for push to come to shove for the 2023 Twins

Twins 2, Pirates 0: Go Figure

A surprising turn of events

Game 125: Pirates at Twins

A World Series rematch nearly a century in the making!

MLB stretch-run storylines

A quick zoom-out as pennant chases heat up

Twins 3, Phillies 0: Sonny—Always

A series victory in Rockyland!

Game 120: Twins at Phillies

"Yo Adriaaaaaan!"


A look at some Minnesota Twins strikeout history

Twins 5, Diamondbacks 3: Hometown boy makes good—again

The pride of Forest Lake, MN walks ‘em off!