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Breakfast & Baseball

Early morning Twins notes.

Baseball (and more) links, cute dogs edition

With only the minimum percentage of sad or annoying stories. More fun ones! And dogs!

All the A’s moving to Vegas links you need

From the infuriating to the corrupt to the horrible. I promise there’s a cheery one near the end.

Selected steamy links 4 U

In which a Huff is a whiny doofus, and a Trevor calls out a different doofus.

Quick fun links I would have used in a Game 5 intro

I wanted to share these, and so I am!

War On The Diamond: A half interesting, half-frustrating new documentary

A fascinating story is kinda bungled, and a minor story made more interesting than you'd expect.

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Rube Waddell’s last season, in rural Minnesota

Community member Devereaux brings his research skills to another tale of a fascinating, weird, doomed, old-timey baseball great with a Minnesota twist.

Old and new links for you

To ease your sorrow after New York’s elimination, here’s going-ons around the baseballs, some more current than others.

Your snow-covered links: court cases, rule changes, owner silliness

Just the regular odds & ends from around baseing ball.

30 teams, 30 team songs, ranked

The team songs post absolutely nobody asked for and which now exists.

MiLB salary update, links, Hot Take, & hair

Because you all should be at home on the computer every Friday night.

The Twins, the Caribbean, and stories about treasures

Thursday Thunder Dump: The Final Voyage

Thursday Thunder Dump: ‘Ham and Puigs

And stuff about fish and sick people too

Do you want to buy a Sano, man?

This Thursday Thunder Dump answers all of life questions... well, some of them anyway.

Thursday Thunder Dump!!!!

Same Thursday thunder, different dump.

Thursday Thunder Dump!

The Mother of All Dumps! Hoarders, rehabbers, Who’s stuck in AAA, N-words, and more PLOOOUFFE news.

Monday Morning Minnesota: Grossman is Great, Santana, D is not.

And other incredible tales

Monday Morning Minnesota: Buxton, Santana, Bonus Pool

Don’t give up on Buxton. Alternately: Give up on Buxton.

Thoughts on your undefeated Minnesota Twins

This will distract you and me from worrying about World War III, at least for a little while.

Sunday Twins: Mejia, Berrios, Vargas, and more

Some Twins links and some other stuff too.

Monday Minnesota: predictions, fatigue data, Taylor Rogers.

News and Notes: Tom Kelly, Matt Belisle, Thad Levine, Zombies

A bunch of links to start your Sunday.

Five predictions for the 2017 Twins

Let’s speculate this morning, because the season hasn’t started and we still have hope.

Sunday Breakfast and Baseball

In which we cover some Twins tidbits.

Lyman Bostock's Tragic Visit To Chicago

In 1978, a beloved and gifted former Twin died far too young.

Twins Fans, It Could Be Worse

You could be longtime fans of the Mariners.

The Triumphs Of R.A. Dickey

Whether he plays again next year or not, he’s already made it.

The Amazing Molina Family

Three brothers all made it to The Show. And the oldest wrote a book, "Molina," about their father. I steal shamelessly from it here.

Internet Fights

Like a harem of untold erotic pleasures, minus the eroticism and pleasures.

Legal Streaming Options & Fox Sports "No"

Yes, you can watch the Twins on yer gizmos. I'd suggest tryin' it before you goes buyin' it.

Off Day Musings: Positives about the Twins season

In which SooFoo waxes optimistically about the Twins.

Better Baseball Baby Birthdays?

Does when you're born help your chances in sport? Years ago, a few guys looked at it, and I just now read their stuff.

Kimchi In The Outfield

Remembering childhood baseball rules and the smell of fermenting foods.