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FanPost Fridays

We're giving a prompt on Fridays, and asking for your FanPosts.

FanPost Call: What changes would you make to the All-Star Break?

We ask the question, you write your opinion.

FanPost Call: Your Fernando Rodney Experience

Now that the FRE is over in Minnesota, we want to know what you saw, remember, and felt.

FanPost Call: The most overrated Twins player

Who do you think gets more love than they really should?

FanPost Call: The most underrated Twins player

Who do you thinks deserves (or deserved) more love?

FanPost Call: Your biggest 2018 Twins predictions

We want you to look into your crystal ball and tell us what you see.

FanPost Call: Your 2018 Twins New Year’s resolutions

What do you hope happens in the new year? We want to hear from you!

FanPost Call: 2017 Twins—The Movie?

FanPost "Friday" is back! This week we’re asking: If the 2017 Twins were a movie, what movie would they be?

FanPost Friday: Your Twins HOF pick

In honor of Hall of Fame weekend, we're asking: Who would you put in the Twins Hall of Fame?

FanPost Friday: Your second-half Twins predictions

That’s right—we want to hear what all you Twins fans are expecting. Sort of like a census.

Biggest surprise of the 2017 Twins?

The Twinkie Town community has spoken! Let’s vote on which is actually the biggest surprise of the 2017 Twins so far.

FanPost Friday: Biggest surprise of the '17 Twins?

It's the return of FanPost Friday! This week we're asking: What part of the Twins' hot start has been the most surprising and why?

FanPost Friday: Your baseball superstitions

This week were asking: What's the weirdest thing you have to do so the Twins (or whoever else) keep winning?

FanPost Friday: Opening Day traditions

Opening Day is right around the corner! What does it mean to you? Have any special Opening Day memories or traditions? We want to hear about them!

FanPost Friday: Your 2017 Twins superlatives

Which Twins will be the most likely to do each thing on the following list? We want to hear your answers!

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Gary Gaetti And Not Eating Babies

No, it's not a modest proposal.

FanPost Friday: Your favorite player interaction

This week we're asking: What's your favorite personal interaction you've ever had with a current or former Twin or other baseball player?

FanPost Friday: Your MLB divisonal predictions

How do you think the 2017 MLB season will shake out? Come tell us to be included in our community predictions recap post next week!

FanPost Friday: Worst case scenario in 2017?

This week we're asking the readers of Twinkie Town: What's the worst possible thing that could happen to the Twins in 2017?

FanPost Friday: Your Spring Training Guide?

Ever been to Twins Spring Training? Have advice? Haven't been there but want to make up advice? Let's go!

Your favorite Twins of all time

We asked the Twinkie Town community to tell us about their favorite Twins players of all time. Who's your favorite?

FanPost Friday: Your favorite Twin of all time

Last we asked you who your favorite terrible baseball player was, so it's only fair...

Why do we love terrible baseball players?

I asked Twinkie Town last Friday who their favorite not-very-good baseball players were, and why did they love them? Here’s what you guys had to say.

FanPost Friday: Your favorite terrible player

This week we're asking you: Who is your Joe Shlabotnik? Who is that player who really wasn't any good at baseball, but you love them anyway?

The 2017 Twinkie Town jersey census results

We asked Twinkie Town members what jerseys and shirseys they own. Come see what players were most popular!

FanPost Friday: The 2017 shirsey/jersey census

How many jerseys/shirseys do you own? What players are they of? Which one if your favorite? We're taking a tally of what's most popular among Twinkie Towners.

Monday Recap: Your TwinsFest experience

Did you go to TwinsFest this weekend? I did! Come share your experience and read what other Twinkie Towners had to say about the event.

FanPost Friday: Your TwinsFest memories

TwinsFest is this weekend, so we're asking you to share your experiences, improvement ideas, what you imagine it's like if you've never been, or the reasons you think it's stupidest thing in the world.

FanPost Friday: Rank your favorite MLB teams, first to last

Have you ever ranked your favorite MLB teams, form favorite to least favorite? As in, ALL 30 of them We're asking you to do just that!

FanPost Friday: Your Twins-related holiday wish

FanPost Friday is back! This week, we're asking for your off-season wishes and Twins-related gift suggestions.

FanPost Friday: Your three off-season wishes

If a magic baseball genie granted you three off-season wishes, what would you wish for?

FanPost Friday: Decompressing after a terrible season


Monday Recap: 2016 Twins, in memoriam