Cool story about Twins approach to hitting


Take a pitch, gain an advantage it seems.

Mudcat Grant: A True Renaissance Man of Baseball


An interesting look at the baseball career and non-baseball talents of former Twins pitcher Mudcat Grant

Bless You Boys relives Game 163


One team's worst nightmare, the other team's triumphant victory. An all-time great game.

Tony Oliva, Jim Kaat get another chance at Baseball Hall of Fame


Fingers crossed for both Oliva & Kaat to finally make it in

Some things never change


Fresh off another beating by the mercenaries from New York, I was reminded of "Yankees Super-Heroes" from 2003. With Trump guest appearance and Baldelli mention.

Puckett and Costas interview - winter 1987


Costas explains why he gave his son the second middle name "Kirby." Spoiler: When the kid was born, Kirby was hitting over .350. Something to do with a bet the previous Pizza Hut All Star Softball game relating to Kirby being slow to hit early in a season. Capped off by Puckett hitting a home run to a swarm of kids.

Milwaukee takes down Canaries 11-6


Milwaukee defeats Sioux Falls in Game 1 of the American Association Finals. Rob Pannier and I recap the game and preview tomorrow's Game 2.

2020, a year like no other. St. Paul Saints Week in Review


My thoughts on a real different 2020 season. A St. Paul Saints Week in Review, my Saints Players of the Week along with notes and American Association Power Rankings.