Cuddy named to Jayson Stark's Most Underrated team


Curry named the team's RF largely because of his positional versatility (see Morneau injury), and feeling by scouts that he is a "winner" who makes those around him better. I gotta say when I clicked on the article I would have never have guessed Cuddyer was going to be one of the picks.

Cardinals Sign Nick Punto


LNP Get Money, Get Paid... in St. Louis. (Twinkie Town joke writers quietly mourn, as now we have to write new jokes.)

Carl Pavano wins the New England Player of the Year Award


Awarded by the Boston Chapter of the BBWAA. Congratulations Pavstache.

Jason Pridie DFA'd by Mets


I wonder what will happen to him next? For as much time as he's bounced around - forever being on the cusp of getting a chance as a big league 4th outfielder - he still has only gotten 6 PA's to date (all with the Twins) and 0 hits. Would suck to have gotten to the bigs & never gotten a hit. Hope a team somewhere takes a flier on Jason.

Prospect Watch Releases its Top 10 Outfielder List


Hicks, Revere Ranked in the Top 10 Among MLB Outfield Prospects.

Greatest Minnesota Twins Catchers by Wins Above Replacement

  1. Joe Mauer (2004 - 2010): 33
  2. Earl Battey (1960 - 1967): 27
  3. Butch Wynegar (1976 - 1982): 16
  4. Brian Harper (1988 - 1993): 15
  5. A.J. Pierzynski (98 - 03) & George Mitterwald (66 - 73): 8

Pavano signs


Two years, $16.5m + .5m in incentives. Welcome back, Carl. (thanks Luke in MN for providing numbers)

Twins sign Capps and Perkins, avoiding arbitration


The Twins have signed Matt Capps and Glen Perkins to 1-year contracts, worth $7.15M and $700k, respectively. Capps' price surprised me a bit - I was hoping that they could get him signed for $6M or so.

Carl Pavano and the Twins are expected to have a two-year deal by the middle of this week. It could...


Carl Pavano and the Twins are expected to have a two-year deal by the middle of this week. It could be delayed a day or two by the team's arbitration distraction (Tuesday is the day figures are exchanged by all teams and players), but baseball people read no negative inference into the fact the talks have taken awhile. The Pirates in particular have made a run at Pavano, but the Twins' advantage is that they are a contending team where Pavano could be the ace and they are also the team that provided a comfortable environment for the pitcher to thrive in the last two seasons.

Jon Heyman, SI

A Simulation of the Arbitration Process: Francisco Liriano


Over at SBN sabermetrics site Beyond the Boxscore, Dave Gershman runs a simulation of the arbitration process for the Twins lefty. Outlining mandates by the Collective Bargaining Agreement, he runs through everything both the Twins and Liriano need to consider (and not consider) as they submit their respective potential 2011 salaries, in the end coming to the conclusion that he's worth of $6.5 million this season (sans extension). A great read, particularly as I'll be submitting my arbitration salary predictions later today.