Tiger's Reliever Zumaya out for the Season


From the AP via the Strib. He suffered an olecranon (the tip of the elbow) fracture during Monday's game against the Twins.

Remember, It's Just A Game


Over at SB Nation Minnesota, Alex Halstad piggyback's on a post from Oh, It's THOSE Girls earlier in the week where they highlighted the personal side of players who get heavily critiqued. Halstad focuses on Brendan Harris after looking at Harris' own blog, and he raises some good points. Lots of good content over at SB Nation Minnesota, but he sure to check out Alex's write up.

Mauer Power Redux


David Golebiewski has a great article at Fangraphs today that puts Mauer's amazing 2009 season in perspective and tries to make sense of his home run drop-off this season.

Pavano would love Lee as a teammate again


In a related story, Blackburn shaves his beard. Leaves only a mustache

TwinkieTown In the Fargo Forum


I had a chat with Kevin Schnepf of the Fargo Forum recently, and he was good enough to give us a little write-up in the Forum. Thanks to Kevin!

Twins Activate Jose Mijares, Option Jeff Manship


Welcome back, Mijares. Pitch like you mean it. Au revoir, Manship. See you soon.

In the midst of a sluggish stretch, a very validating and inspiring look at where the Twins and their fans are now


From a Detroit site no less...perhaps it's just me, but this really reinvigorated my spirits after today's loss. Chin up, people!

Best of the SB Nation Network: A Hearty Handshake for Bobomojo


His breakdown of the Twins bullpen made the cut. Cheers for the new guy!

As you may have noticed (and you might have even voted) on the left of Twinkie Town was a Fan...


As you may have noticed (and you might have even voted) on the left of Twinkie Town was a Fan Confidence poll. The first results were tallied and are captured above. What are your thoughts? Are you surprised by the number or does it seem about right? As a side note, the White Sox had a 59 and the Tigers a 55 this week.